Help Support Team Taylor

Team Taylor Recovery and RehabilitationTaylor Church is a spirited, fun loving, vivacious 21-year old.  On Wednesday May 16th, Taylor was taken to the emergency room at Palomar hospital after suffering several days of flu like symptoms.  After being examined they realized she had Sepsis, a severe infection of the bloodstream.

Three days later she had double pneumonia, extremely low blood pressure, and a racing heart rate. By Saturday morning she was put in a drug induced coma and placed on a ventilator as one by one her organs began to shut down.

On Monday, June 4, Taylor had both of her legs amputated just below the knee and her hands will be amputated later this week as the result of the powerful medication required to treat sepsis.

Taylor Church’s dad Chris served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps with his wife Laurie by his side for the past 26 years. The family is not only experiencing tremendous heartache right now but also some financial burdens with more to come to pay for Taylor’s care.

Please consider contributing to Taylor as she continues her battle and begins the long and painful process of rehabilitation.  Cash or Check is accepted and can be mailed directly to the bank: USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK, 10750 McDERMOT FREEWAY, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78288 (Please write account number #102574243 on the check.  I have had to take the PayPal link off because it was not working and I can’t seem to figure it out so if you would like to donate, sending a check to USAA is the only option right now. I will continue to work on the link and thank you to everyone who has tried to donate, it is the thought behind it that counts and we really do appreciate it.


41 thoughts on “Help Support Team Taylor

  1. Love you Taylor, We are all so wishing we could be by your side. We are in prayer and just our love for you. Get well soon babygirl.

  2. I’ve not met you, but I’ve adored photos of your son as he grows right along with my son. You’ve been on my mind everyday, Taylor, and will continue to be. Your mom is special to me as well. I’m so glad you are alive. : )

  3. Ive never been threw tgis, but i have lost friends and its horrible too lose someone you love. Taylor you can make it threw this believe in God and the plans he has for you. This is just another step. May god bless you and youre son. And famuly, and friends

  4. Paige has been really fighting for you Taylor. I dont know you- but feel like I do just from FB. We are praying for you Taylor- from OKlahoma! May God give you peace of mind. God has big plans for you- this is only the begining. May God wrap His arms around you and help you to fight and get better. Jana Dover- Edmond, OK

  5. Id like to purchase several bracelets. I see where I send the money do I also send my info where to mail the bracelets to? I’m working on getting my family n friends to all wear them and show our support
    Thanks, Kelly

  6. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Taylor and her family! Be strong, stay strong, and know that you will come out of this!

  7. Please know that there is a long prayer chain of people praying specifically for Taylor and the entire Church family. I can’t imagine how difficult this is but know that there are a lot of caring, committed people thinking of you all and praying hard.

  8. If you are anything like the girl I remember from highschool- a strong minded, independent, fighter- I know you will come out of this heart wrenching ordeal as an even more bad ass female- Taylor I hope you truly know how big of an inspiration you are!

  9. Taylor, you are in our prayers. You are a strong woman and inspire me with your will to live and fight this. Keep the faith and God nearby to give you strength at this time and to overcome the obstacles that get in your way. Your attitude is AMAZING!

  10. Taylor and family, My heart breaks for what you are going through. I found out about your illness from a friend in Escondido who was stricken with the same illness last year. You are all in my thoughs and prayers.

  11. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. we experienced a similar incident with a very close friend of ours last year. he is still doing rehab but is very thankful to be alive and we are thankful that he remains here with us. hang in there. there is a brighter day coming soon.

  12. Continue to be strong and courageous!!! I don’t know you but I do know that you are have more support and prayers coming your way than you can imagine. God bless you and angels to watch over you always.

  13. It pains me that I do not have the financial resources to help in that way, I can’t work as I am fighting brain cancer.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily!

  14. Hello Church Family! I am a new nurse graduate and saw Taylor’s story on the news. I know that her dream was also to become a nurse. I was hoping that I could come and give some care giving assistance to Taylor either at home or in the hospital free of charge. It would be a true honor to serve your family as yours has served our country. I’m praying for healing, hope & light for all of you. Go Team Taylor!!!
    Gigi Marquardt

    • Gigi: You have touched my heart with your offer to Taylor and her family. You will make a wonderful nurse because you have such a big heart. God bless you.

  15. Taylor and the Church family are fighters. They WILL get through this because it’s not in their nature to give up… It’s surreal to think that this could happen to someone who was close to me at one time, but seeing her sit up and smile in the hospital bed reminds me that it ain’t over for her.. My thoughts are with you and your family Tay, and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery.

  16. Taylor, you don’t know me personally, or you may not know of me at all but I knew of you through mutal friends. I have kept up with your story and journey since first hearing about it. From the posts on the blog, i am learning more and more that you are an amazing, strong woman. I admire your determination and your positive attitude through this time. I know you probably have your good days and bad days, but from the posts, you seem to always be looking forward. That is so admirable, and i am left speechless by all the love and support you have, whether if it’s from friends and family close by or far away, or if it’s from people you do or don’t know. I hope one day that I can be as strong of a woman as you are and impact as many lives as you have touched. I just wanted to let you know that I had added you and your family to my churchs’ prayer list. Even though we don’t know you, people there are constantly asking me about how you are doing, and they sincerely and genuinely care about you and pray for you daily. I know prayers are working and prayers will continue to be sent your way. I know God has his hands wrapped around you and you are in his care. Do not forget he is the great physician, and anything is possible with him. Keep fighting and never give up.

  17. I am Barbara Joy Letsom from Bethel Baptist Church – I’ve been thinking and praying for you every day. Now, I am bringing a bag of gifts to the hospital (if you are still there).
    1) is a soft shawl for around your shoulders – with hearts, 2) some talc (because I love talc) It is good wherever you want to feel soft and dry or just on the sheets for the soft smell. 3) I scented everything with rose. 4) Two soft bear buddies and 5) an Angel card that stands up. 6) a pretty blue box to stand things up in.
    I’ll think of more things later.
    I am so happy to be able to send you these things.
    Please let us all know what colors, animals, fragrances & things that you need –
    Also, do you like lavender?
    I need to know –

  18. Taylor you really are such an amazing person inside and out. Even through all of this you still continue to amaze me as you have throughout our friendship. Thank you for saying you were sorry that you were so out of it today and thank you for thanking me for being so understanding.. Its that right there that makes you one of the people I look up to highly and know that you will get through this fight just like you have gotten through a lot in your life and I am so privleged to be a part of it with you. You family is so amazing for everything as well.. You have so many people on your side that I know it will be ok. In your own words you will make the best of this and I know that you have the strength, heart, love, devotion, and thrive to make it through this. Love you so much!

  19. Hi Taylor,
    I came by to visit you again today and was pleasantly surprised you were home. YAY! I was disappointed though because I would really like to see you again but don’t have any contact information. Can you or Sommer or your dad email me your contact info?
    Patty Kolb

  20. Hello,
    Massage Heights, San Diego would like to donate a free 1-hour massage to Taylor and a free 1-hour massage to each of her parents. Not sure where Taylor is in her recovery. Her 1-hour gift card will not expire and be available to her when she is ready. Please call 1.888.827.7430 X4
    Thank you,

    Bonnie Perata
    Massage Heights, San Diego
    Phone: 888.827.7430 EXT 4
    Carmel Valley: 858.794.4962
    Carlsbad: 760.692.9800
    Encinitas: 760.479.0216
    Gilbert, AZ: 480.347.4673

  21. Taylor I know you are a very strong women. We where close friends and school and you have grew up just how I had thought you would! You have an adorable son and I know with the love you have for him you will get through this! You are in my prays!

  22. My name is Michelle,my husbands name is Jeromy.My husband was in the hospital around the same time as you with that flesh eating disease(necrotising fasciitis)!!You and my husband had Dr.Yale Kedeski for you surgeon.He told us about you and you have been in our prayers and we wanted you to know. He is a great doctor and a wonderful person…he saved my husbands life as well. We are so glad to see you for the first time on the news and to see you smile.God bless you Taylor…sepsis is a horrible blood infection but your alive and you are blessed. You can write to us if you want or address). Michelle and Jeromy!

  23. Taylor, my family and I live in Spring valley and just seen your story on the news and we wanted to pass on our loving thougts and prayers for you and your family. We think you are a very courageous woman

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