Fathers Day


As we all celebrate Fathers Day I wanted to take a moment to say that Taylor is incredibly lucky to have the father that she does.  James (Chris) Church, Taylor’s dad, has certainly been through his share of tough times during his 25 year career in the Marine Corps and through it all he demonstrated the courage and dedication that marks the greatest of men.

Now, only a short time after completing his Marine Corps career he’s been faced with a horror that, while different, is probably every bit as difficult as anything he faced on the battlefield; seeing his youngest daughter near death and now struggle to overcome multiple amputations.  Yet again Chris faces this challenge with the courage and dedication of a great father.

On Fathers Day(or near it anyway) I’m thankful for my brothers example as a man and a father.



7 thoughts on “Fathers Day

  1. My thoughts & prayers are with you all & especially with Taylor. Someone please tell her, just remember in sadness, happiness & despair you are never alone–God is ALWAYS there.

  2. Great post! May God bless you, Chris and family! Thanks! May you all see more of Christ in all these tribulations! As Kim said above, He is always there! Taylor, may God continue to encourage you! I hope your new room is great!

  3. This a beautiful tribute form one son to another. This Mother is blessed to have to wonderful sons who are both good Father’s & have a love for their family. Thank you Tim for this wonderful tribute to your brother.

  4. Happy Fathers’ day Chris. May Gid continue to strengthen you in all you do. In the name of Jesus Christ!
    We are praying for you all!!!
    Krissy Jane

  5. Semper Fi to an amazing Man! I am a Marine Mom and I see Chris’ dedication to his daughter and although this is something he never would have imagined for his little girl he is standing tall and helping her through it all. God Bless to Both Taylor and her awesome Dad!

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