Once Again…

Just when the unexpected bad news comes, when another seemingly insurmountable hurdle is thrown in front of her, and what was supposed to be a positive is turned into a negative, Taylor once again shows us what she’s really made of.  As all of us were feeling defeated after the additional amputations, Taylor once again amazes everyone with her attitude and determination.  Even though she has more reason to be angry, sad and depressed over the outcome of Tuesday’s surgery than anyone, instead she is the one lifting peoples spirits and giving hope to those around her.

This girl is amazing!  I have no doubt that Taylor is going to overcome all her challenges and make a difference in many, many lives.

Stay tuned…


12 thoughts on “Once Again…

  1. Taylor, you are an AMAZING woman and I am so blessed, just reading about you and seeing the strength that you have in yourself. WOW…..I so wish I could bring that kind of strength out in myself, when it is needed. God Bless you and your family. They have to be so proud to have you for their daughter and your son, his mother…. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. She will definitely be an inspiration to many others and she truly is a very strong young lady with an incredible awesome attitude. Go Taylor and God bless all of you!

  3. I recently read a book that the hero is like you Taylor! God says He uses everyone and has huge plans! I am excited to see yours and also your warm smile again one day! Thanks for your strength Taylor! God bless you and thank you for your witness too! We love you Taylor! You are an amazing young lady!!

  4. Taylor you are truely an inspiration to so many people with difficulties like yours. I know Our Lord Jesus is with you every minute & will help to guide you in so many new ways. God Bless you & your family & please know there are so many of us that love you & care about you Taylor & your lttle boy. Hugs from The Chaffin Family – El Cajon, CA

  5. You are a huge inspiration to me as I am facing surgery myself. You are so strong god bless you and your family. You are so beautiful.

  6. It was truly an honor to meet Taylor and her family on Sunday. She is an amazing young lady. She has some obstacles to overcome but it can be done and she is just the one to do it. What a great support team she has as well. I hope I was able to have a positive impact on her as living proof that these things can be beaten. Best of luck Taylor. I’ll see you again soon.

  7. Dearest sweet Taylor! This is Kathy Priest and I brought Patty again last Friday to see you at the hospital! What a great surprise that you were NOT there!:) Patty had a gift for you and wanted to visit before you were released but Praise God You were able to leave a little earlier than the end of the month! I love you and Your family so much and continue to be grateful that I had the honor to come bring my daughter Ashley to see you! Ashley is forever yoked to your heart! Every night when she can’t sleep or is up vomiting she uses to pray for her sister Taylor! Ash says it is time well spent:) Of course we all would love to come see you but we must be respectful that you are at home now which is way different than the hospital!
    I have never met a mom like yours nor a dad either! They are the Cream of the Crop! God’s Treasured Parents since before the foundations of the earth! I am speaking at an event tomorrow night at Maranatha Chapel from 7-9 called Night of Hope and it is free and everyone is invited! You have become the hallmark of the inspiration for glorifying God in the midst of the hardest trials ever & yet I have seen God in a way that I can’t seem to put into words because of you & your mom & dad! I bet Your precious baby boy is So happy mom is finally home for good! Hallelujah!:) When you are able just let Connie know so she can tell me! I miss you and love you and are praying for you daily!:) Can’t wait to see what God is doing next with you His Pride and Joy!!:) See you soon K?:)

  8. Taylor you are beyond amazing! You are definitely one of God’s earth angels. I will put you in my prayers and heart every day that I’m on this planet. If I can do anything for you, please let me know. I’m great with young ones. That’s the gift God gave me. I will help in anyway and as you already know..you deserve it. Not only for what you going through, but for who you are! Many prayers and a whole lot of love!

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