Best Weekend In A While!

Taylor Church - Team Taylor Church

This is an amazing sight…Taylor starting to get up and around.

Taylor has had some ups and downs with pain over the last few days but is moving to the Rehab Unit tomorrow and is pretty excited about it. One step closer to home! She took time out of her busy schedule to take some funny pics with Chris and send me her first verbal text message from Chris’ phone. All in all it’s been a pretty good weekend. Thanks again for all of the prayers and support. Her room is so full of flowers you can smell them in the hallway! Thanks everyone. ♥


14 thoughts on “Best Weekend In A While!

  1. I have had the pleasure to meet taylor yet but we go to the same church Bethel Baptist in Escondido i want taylor to know we are all praying for her and hope that she stays positive and looks to God for comfort ,

  2. Taylor! I am so excited for you! Rehab then home! Awesome! You’ll be home before you know it! Post the funny pics & text if you guys want! I’d love to see them! Love you Taylor & family!

  3. I am proud of your spirit Taylor. I volunteer to serve the wounded at the Naval Hospital and Camp Pendleton and have the good fortune of enjoying the company of many young men who have lost limbs. It takes a special spirit to survive those hard days, as there will be many. It certainly sounds like you have that spirit and I look forward to continued good news. Ever want a stranger who cares to come for a visit…give me shout. Your sweet boy spent Easter with my family and I would be happy to see him again.

  4. It’s so GREAT seeing this Taylor! Keep on fighting and improving! So proud of u! 🙂

  5. Taylor so happy to see you sitting up! Pray it won’t be long before you’re home with your family & sweet little baby boy. Our Lord Jesus is with you to help comfort you & help you through each step to recovery. You will be able to walk again, just watch & see!!! Love & Hugs!

  6. god bless you and your family, many greetings from Italy

    there’s also a beautiful italian girl Babe with the same problem, this is the video on youtube

  7. hey on youtube yall should look up the story about Lindsay Ess, she lost both hands and both feet and waited a long time until she able to have a risky surgery to give her some new hands from a deceased donor, you should check it out and I bet if just you type in quadruple amputee in youtbe you’d come up with some interesting things that’ll help you out

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