Fresh Air and Sunshine Part 2

The doctor came in today and said that Taylor was going to be moved from ICU to Intermediate CCU.  I fed her some mac & cheese & we had a wonderful time.  She has had the most amazing nurs…es while in ICU.  God bless them all for the loving & tender care they have given her.  Before I left to come back up to Tim’s, I saw her new room & she was settling in nicely.  It is simply amazing the difference one day has made.  I know that none of this would be taking place if it were not for all of you & the loving God we serve.  Thank you from all of us.

After a horrible Monday and Tuesday…Improvement

Monday and Tuesday were really bad days for Taylor. The doctors were having a difficult time controlling her pain. They finally figured out that one problem was that the spinal catheter and/or automated medication device was not working at all. They had to re-do the spinal catheter and were having a hard time getting it right. As a result, they had to “stick” her 6 more times before they could it reestablished.

She was also hallucinating badly and as a result of being over medicated was unable to sleep. She was finally able to fall asleep around midnight Tuesday and was able to sleep all night. Taylor woke this morning with no more hallucinations!!! She is off the narcotics and is receiving a little anesthesia to keep her legs numb via the spinal catheter.

Also, Channel 10 News came to the hospital this afternoon to cover Taylor and her story. They will be airing the report about Taylor tonight on the 11:00pm news. If you have a chance please tune in and check it out. The segment will be available on tomorrow sometime. Also, feel free to pass information about the news story along to anyone you may know so that we can continue to spread the word.

Taylor and her family continue to be amazed by the outpouring of compassion and support by friends, both new and old, as well as by those that we’ve never even met. Your generosity has been extraordinary and it’s encouraging that in such a fast paced world, that people would stop what they’re doing to consider helping a young woman in her hour of need.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, for your support and compassion, and for the knowledge that Taylor and family aren’t going through this alone. You’ll never know how much it means to us all.


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Post Hand Surgery Update…

Report from Chris is that after Monday’s surgery Taylor was awake & very upset, as she understands how much of her hands she has lost. They are having a hard time calming her down. Please pray for her right now , if you are reading this. She was so brave going into surgery, but once agin she has to face the immensity of her loss.

Report: Leg and Hand Surgery

Team Taylor Church - Palomar Pomerado Hospital - Sepsis - Double Amputation

Taylor and son Aiden spending some time together on Sunday prior to the surgery to remove portions of her hands that is scheduled to take place on Monday.

June 11, 2012Just came out of surgery, spoke with the hand doctor she lost all the fingers and thumb on the left hand all thats left is the palm. The right hand she lost all the tips to the first knuckle to include the thumb. No issues with the surgery on her legs everything went as planned. I knew this was coming but I’m still at a loss and my heart aches for baby girl!!!!

Help Support Team Taylor

Team Taylor Recovery and RehabilitationTaylor Church is a spirited, fun loving, vivacious 21-year old.  On Wednesday May 16th, Taylor was taken to the emergency room at Palomar hospital after suffering several days of flu like symptoms.  After being examined they realized she had Sepsis, a severe infection of the bloodstream.

Three days later she had double pneumonia, extremely low blood pressure, and a racing heart rate. By Saturday morning she was put in a drug induced coma and placed on a ventilator as one by one her organs began to shut down.

On Monday, June 4, Taylor had both of her legs amputated just below the knee and her hands will be amputated later this week as the result of the powerful medication required to treat sepsis.

Taylor Church’s dad Chris served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps with his wife Laurie by his side for the past 26 years. The family is not only experiencing tremendous heartache right now but also some financial burdens with more to come to pay for Taylor’s care.

Please consider contributing to Taylor as she continues her battle and begins the long and painful process of rehabilitation.  Cash or Check is accepted and can be mailed directly to the bank: USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK, 10750 McDERMOT FREEWAY, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78288 (Please write account number #102574243 on the check.  I have had to take the PayPal link off because it was not working and I can’t seem to figure it out so if you would like to donate, sending a check to USAA is the only option right now. I will continue to work on the link and thank you to everyone who has tried to donate, it is the thought behind it that counts and we really do appreciate it.